Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lesson 3: Handwriting

Is handwriting important? On page 102 Miss Slater makes a point that making handwriting important instills character. She even points out the interesting point that individual letters are even call 'characters'. Is the attention to detail important? Why do you think so--or not?


hwexpert said...

Not only does handwriting cultivate fine finger movement it also has subliminal messages it reenforces along the way. Like the mouth the O reminds us to be quiet in class or when others are speaking. The retraced stems of the letters to hold back or control our emotions. The i dots to pay attention to detail. The t bar to keep our goals high but reachable and the g and y end strokes to finish what we start.

Michelle Heidemann said...

Hello, hwexpert. This is a study in the Principle Approach which is a Biblical teaching method. The study is directed for Christian educators. I understand from your profile that you are a handwriting expert, and your comment is very intriguing. The question about handwriting may seem a bit out of context for you as those participating in this dicussion have a study guide and the question was in response to some of the reading involved.

The point of this question concerning handwriting is directed toward the character that is developed in paying attention to the details of our work. Quality handwriting is exceptionally important in communication, but it also develops personal character as the students (and educators) put forth the needed effort in forming excellent letters.

It may surprise you to know that the educators involved in this particular study are home educators. They put forth great effort toward excellence of education for their children.

Thank you for your contribution.